Maddy 1
Madeleine Magellan

Portrayed By:

Caroline Quentin

First Appeared:

The Wrestler's Tomb (1997)

Last Appeared:

The Three Gamblers (2000)

Number of episode appearances:



Investigative Journalist and "true crime" Author

Maddy is the kind of woman who won't take any crap from anyone. She's a damn good free lance investigative journalist, who sadly isn't appreciated by the publishing world. She has a unique ability to talk her way into places and situations which will lead her to a story. Unfortunately this can also lead her into trouble, which she gets into often.

She is a very dominate person, who likes to be in control and won't relinquish the upper hand easily. Maddy is a spontaneous woman, who tends to do first, think later. Many of her crack pot schemes fall flat on their faces, but that doesn't seem to stop her trying. Maddy is a headstrong woman, who once she has her mind set on something, she won't let go until she has an answer.

Maddy is quick to anger, but also quick to change her mind. She can have violent mood swings, but then seconds later be all sweetness and light. This can make her either extremely colourful, or extremely annoying depending on your point of view.

Maddy has little patience. She hates waiting for things to follow their natural course and will do things in order to hurry up the process. This is something she tried to do with her relationship with Jonathan. She tried to speed up the relationship by trying to make Jonathan jealous. She has little time for those who have an air of superiority about them. Although having said that she will invest time in trying to bring them down a peg or two.

The nature of her profession means that Maddy is a people person. It also means she is adaptable, and a quick thinker. However some of her ideas can be questionable.

Maddy's little patience also means she is quick to judge a situation, sometimes completely getting the wrong idea. She will pass sentence on a situation which she has no business doing as she has no real claim to it. For example who Jonathan is sleeping with, even though she isn't his girlfriend!