Serena Shale was the wife of the artist Hedley Shale. She attended an art show of his, where she grew annoyed that he was flirting with one of his models, Francesca Boutron. The next morning she went to work, stayed in her office all day, and then found out her husband had been murdered and his lover Boutron was tied up. She was suspected in the crime by DS Owen Davey, but her secretary Joy swore she had never left her office.

Later, Maddie Magellan and Jonathan Creek pretended to be from a TV crew, and interviewed her while actually scouting out her office. She then came home to find out from her cleaner that they had been snooping around her house as well. She phoned Francesca Boutron, offering to buy her story. As she met with Boutron, Creek and Magellan burst in to reveal that she was never Shale's lover, Katrina Toplis was, and that Boutron had killed Shale.